Business Continuity Plans

At Chalk Media Limited, we take business continuity planning very seriously. Our comprehensive business continuity plans are designed to ensure the continued delivery of our services in the face of unexpected disruptions or disasters. These plans encompass various aspects of our operations, including technology, personnel, and communication. They are regularly reviewed, updated, and tested to ensure their effectiveness.

Regular Refreshment and Testing

Our business continuity plans are not static documents; they are living, breathing frameworks that evolve to meet changing circumstances. We engage in regular reviews to assess their relevance and accuracy. This review process involves identifying new risks and vulnerabilities, addressing lessons learned from past incidents, and aligning our plans with industry best practices.

In addition to refreshing our plans, we conduct comprehensive testing and simulations to evaluate their efficacy. We run drills and exercises to ensure that all personnel understand their roles and responsibilities during a disruption. These tests are invaluable for uncovering any potential weaknesses in our response strategies, allowing us to address them proactively.

Recovery Approach

Our recovery approach is built on the foundation of rapid response and minimal downtime. In the event of a disruption, we prioritise the swift restoration of critical functions and services. This includes measures such as data backup and recovery, redundancy in our IT infrastructure, and alternative communication channels.

Escalation Process

For an effective response, we have a clear escalation process in place. This process ensures that the right people are notified promptly, enabling a coordinated and efficient response to any incident.

Chalk Media Limited is committed to maintaining operational resilience and ensuring the continuity of our services. Our business continuity plans are regularly refreshed, tested, and refined to stay current with evolving risks and challenges, and our recovery approach and escalation process are well-defined to facilitate a swift and effective response to any disruptive event.