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Chalk Media and CGEYE have combined their expertise to offer property marketing that’s first-class in every department.

Chalk Media have teamed up with CGEYE to offer a complete package for your development. With over 18 years in the industry, that includes some of the UK’s most high profile house builders, architects, marketing agencies and housing associations. So, whether it’s creating brand identities, 3D animation, virtual tours, and architectural visualisation, or media services, website design, e-commerce websites, internet marketing and search engine optimisation, as well as graphic design and print services all at competitive prices, we’re here to build your development’s marketing success.

As this strategic partnership we can offer the following:

Computer Generated Image (CGI)

Photorealistic visuals finished to the highest standard, the essential marketing tool.

Graphic Design For Adverts & Brochures

Whether graphic design for single concepts, adverts and brochures or for entire campaigns, Chalk Media’s talented creative team are always brimming with fresh and innovative ideas without limits! (Our exceptional web design, branding, design and print services demand it!).

Complementary Development Brochures

Working as a partnership with CGEYE who provide the visualisations, we provide the brochure design and print services.

Building Wraps

Used to cover the scaffolding of buildings undergoing renovation. We can create amazingly realistic imagery that when printed out at real world scale and wrapped around a scaffolding clad building creates the illusion of no work being done.

Verified Visual

These images are similar in look to photomontages, but we use accurate survey data to position the model in its intended position relative to the photograph. Essential for some planning applications.

Interior CGI

So realistic many people think they’re photographs. This is the ultimate way to show off your interior design.

Media – Buying & Planning

We can handle the entire negotiating and media buying process regionally or nationally. With careful evaluation of opportunities and logical planning we ensure that your advertising spend reaches your target audience.


Grab potential customer’s attention and fire their imagination with exciting moving imagery and animation. Give people an overview of your development, building or boat.

3D Plans

A modern twist on the traditional 2D coloured siteplan. Adds depth and realism.

High Definition Animation

Grab potential customer’s attention and fire their imagination with exciting moving imagery and animation. Give people an overview of your development, building or boat.


Computer generated visuals of your new building seamlessly blended into a photo of the existing area.


Chalk Media can take care of all of your print requirements thanks to a nationwide network of experienced suppliers, meaning that we can guarantee the highest quality that you expect at a price that’s right.

Professional Development Websites

To compliment the other aspects of your of your development package we can also design and build you a professional website that will really help promote your development.

3D Floorplan

The perfect way to illustrate your space and orientate buyers. Good for demonstrating colour schemes too.

Site Signage

We can offer the design and production of all site signage including installation. This method works to promote your site before the build even starts.

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