Fortunes pass through the tills of UK e-commerce websites (like shops on the Internet) each year. And leading online retail analysts predict annual revenue is set to more than double over the next five to ten years.

The reasons why people prefer to buy online (rather than from ‘bricks-and-mortar’ stores) are simple:

  1. There are no geographical constraints
  2. There are no overbearing, harassing sales people to deal with
  3. An online store is open 24/7, all-year round
  4. Products are generally cheaper

All this makes buying online enjoyable, convenient and cost-effective.

Chalk Media makes running your own online shop super-easy with our chosen e-commerce solution. There is no need for any coding knowledge as everything is controlled via a web- based administration area, making this ideal for any level of web user.

We will:

  • Create your very own design
  • Implement into it the e-commerce shop package
  • Set up your delivery options, and
  • Set up your payment gateway

Your site will be ready for you to add your products and start selling.

Helping you to increase sales and boost profits

E-shoppers (people who buy online) are becoming increasingly e-commerce savvy, and the way they buy is evolving as rapidly as the Internet itself. That’s why you need your online store to be built by designers who understand e-shopper psychology and behaviour – how to persuade them to follow through at checkout stage (rather than abandoning the sale at the last moment).

Chalk Media can design and deliver an e-commerce website for you that:

  • is ‘sticky’ – e-shoppers will stay with your site (and not immediately ‘bounce off’ it)
  • ensures e-shoppers will enjoy browsing your products by presenting and describing them (and their benefits) in an appealing way
  • persuades e-shoppers to place their chosen items into their virtual shopping basket
  • convinces e-shoppers to proceed to your checkout and buy from you, safe in the knowledge that the online transaction is 100 per cent secure
  • has e-shoppers returning to your site to buy more products in the future
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