E-mail marketing or e-shots (marketing your business through sending customised e-mails as ‘e-shots’ to your customers) is a great way to:

  • Tell your audience about your products and services (as well as your latest company news)
  • Promote any special offers you may have
  • Announce forthcoming events
  • Invite feedback
  • Point them towards your website, articles, blog and your pages on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • Catch the eye of potential new customers

And if your website is purely informational, (e.g., you are an e-learning online resource, or a non-profit organisation), you could use e-shots to convey your key info and messages to a widening audience.

Why e-shots are such a ‘must-have’ internet marketing tool

E-mail has replaced phone calls as the choice method of contact between businesses and organisations in the UK, if not the world. Stats show that the ROI (return on investment) on e-shot marketing is greater than any other marketing direct response method.

E-shots really do provide the perfect solution to a problem countless UK companies face: How to retain regular contact with customers, without them feeling bombarded.

Your customers will love the convenience of e-shots

In the UK, people like to be ‘helped’, and hate being sold to. That is exactly what e-shots can do.

By launching e-shot campaigns at appropriate intervals you are helping your customers by maintaining a friendly and fluid online customer communication flow. You’ll be saving them the hassle of researching your contact details by providing them with clickable links from your e-shots direct to your website.

To find out more about how Chalk Media can help you gain a vital edge on your competitors by tailoring a customised e-shot campaign for your business or organisation, contact us here.

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