Redesigning Your Website

If you have a website, it is essential it remains ‘current’ – up-to-date with Internet trends and users’ expectations. The Internet is a fast moving, rapidly changing environment where websites can quickly look old, tired and dated. Don’t let that happen to your site.

Time for a change?

You may need to change your site’s look and feel occasionally, to avoid any negative effect on your business and how it is perceived. The Chalk Media website redesign team can help you do that, quickly, effectively and affordably.

Common reasons for a redesign

If you have a commercial site (i.e. an online store), it may not be converting enough customers because:

  • it is slow to load
  • it is poorly search engine optimised (for both users and search engines)
  • it conveys an unprofessional image (blurred product images, typos in the text, broken links etc.)
  • it is difficult to navigate
  • the checkout process is laboured and/or doesn’t feel 100 per cent secure

By turning to Chalk Media for a website redesign, all these weaknesses can be addressed. And that’s not all…

Save up to 50 per cent of the cost of a new site

Menus, images, text blocks, link buttons, calls-to-action… By making big or small changes to elements like these, your site’s appearance and functionality could be transformed (and your sales figures with it). And if your site is purely informational, similar changes could help convey your key messages more powerfully, and also persuade more visitors to register with you.

Many businesses and organisations opt for a site redesign (or a ‘make over’) simply because of budgetary constraints. By opting for a redesign by Chalk Media, you could save up to 50 per cent of the cost of a new site. Your redesigned site will work much better, and will almost feel like a brand-new site.

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