Brentwood Burners

Brentwood Burners had been handling their marketing into house for many years. They approached Chalk Media for help and advice in order to boost turnover and help with branding. Chalk Media put in place a full media campaign in order to target their audience, and also created a new look throughout all their branding. Now after working with Chalk Media for two years , Brentwood Burners are busier than ever and very happy with their increased turnover.

Clients comments:

Chalk Media have improved and transformed our company brand providing structure to what was previously an ad hoc attempt at sales and marketing. At the time we didn’t realise how time consuming, costly and ineffective this was.

We invited a number of marketing agencies in to discuss our options going forward, and Chalk Media stood head and shoulders above the rest. They never tried to tie us into a contract, unlike some of their competitors and were always on hand to advise and discuss fresh, new ideas.

They planned, designed and negotiated a brand specific media campaign to reach our target audience. We now have a yearly advertising schedule which Chalk Media manage. We know exactly what advertising we are doing on a weekly basis and how much we are spending.

Chalk Media handle everything very efficiently thereby relieving the pressure on us as a company. We are particularly impressed with the Royal Mail mailouts that Chalk Media have arranged to go direct to our target audience. Chalk Media designed and printed a high quality flyer for us that has been hugely successful. We have clients walking into our showroom with our flyer and asking for the burner or bathroom that is in the design – that’s successful marketing!

We now have a new brand which runs through all our marketing material including our adverts, which has certainly raised our profile in the market place. We have seen a significant increase in our sales and the public now know who we are and where our showroom is.

Chalk Media are always there to help, with a fast, effective turnaround on everything they produce. They are a true breath of fresh air in the way they conduct their business and we would recommend them to others.