Dan Chapman, Director of Teddys Bathrooms sings our praises for our ongoing promotional work for his company:

“We started using Chalk Media to handle all our marketing over 8 years ago. Not only did they save us money on our marketing but they also stopped us from being plagued by sales calls all day long. When we started with Chalk we had just Teddys bathrooms in Ingatestone, and in addition to this we now also have Teddys Kitchens, Bedrooms and Tiles! Chalk Media have certainly been effective in creating great response with our marketing, plus with the extra time we had, we expanded our business. We would be very happy to recommend Chalk Media services to any business.  We can especially recommend the Royal Mail Door to Door drops that they offer. Granted this was an additional service that we chose to use via chalk media 2 years ago, and we were hesitant in the beginning due to cost , but I can honestly say it was the best thing they advised us to try. Our marketing budget has gone up, but the response and in turn sales that we have received from this method far out ways anything that we have done in the past. We literally have people walking through the door with the cards in their hands, its powerful stuff. Thanks to Chalk Media Teddys  has had an amazing 8 years trading with these last two being the best yet.”